A collaboration between Swiss watchmaker Swatch and German auto maker Mercedes Benz led to the birth of the Smart, a microcar slash sub-compact small vehicle that is especially convenient for navigating the dense urban street of major cities such as New York City.

These microcars are made up of a hodgepodge of parts from various vendors that renders making keys for these vehicles especially challenging.

At Car Keys New York we pride ourselves on being able to answer “sure we can make keys for that car,” when others simply say no.

Be it the Smart Fortwo 450 chassis with the round remote head key or the Smart Fortwo 451 chassis with the flip style key, we can made duplicate keys or create brand new keys from scratch even if all of the previous keys were lost.

We can also make duplicate keys for the Smart Fortwo 453 chassis. This is the model with the newer body style and the switchblade style key and integrated remote.

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